The calibration software, AutoCal+

Are you looking for an universal, user friendly, innovative software program to properly plan and carry out your calibrations? AutoCal+ offers the solution! Do you calibrate ten instruments per year or ten per day? With three different packages, we offer you a the solution for every situation.

AutoCal+ works in the cloud. The calibration software is modular and you can log in and use it wherever you are. The software saves you time and has various affordable solutions. It will improve the quality of your calibrations even further and provides clear management of your calibrations.

How the calibration software works...

AutoCal+ is an total solution for calibrations. In this short video we will tell you more about how the software works. It clearly shows the benefits and the various possibilities. Do you have any questions after seeing this video? Please contact us!



< 10 calibrations per month
2 reference instruments
€ 39,50 p.m.



<100 calibrations per month
5 reference instruments
€ 99,50 p.m.



100+ calibrations per month
5+ reference instruments
price on request

Unique to this software is the possibility to build it modulary. That way you will never pay too much. Every month you can add extra calibrations or reference instruments. That way you will always have a customized solution, without being tied to a (too) expensive program.

One solution for all your calibrations!

How do you track your calibrations? Do you use various software programs or do you store it in an Excel document? We often see both options. However, this will take more time and costs you more money while there is a more effective and professional way. With AutoCal+ you have an overview of all your instruments in one system. The software ensures that you are timely informed about when an instrument needs to be recalibrated. The user-friendly system ensures that everyone can work with it.

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"AutoCal+ is a refreshing, contemporary solution for all your calibrations. Working with AutoCal+ is better than ever. The process of entering instruments and the creation of calibration procedures has been greatly improved! As a user, you will be helped step by step in this process. You will also insightfully informed of the progress! I use AutoCal+ for every calibration job."

Santhoos Baidjnath-Misier
Head of Calibration Departement

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