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AutoCal+ is developed by Tradinco Instruments in Zoetermeer (The Netherlands). We are specialized in test, measurement and calibration solutions, especially in the quantities pressure, temperature and electrical. We started out over 50 years ago in Berkel en Rodenrijs, The Netherlands. Customers then knew us as a specialist player, with attention for their challenges. Real problem solvers. In all those years we remained ourselves and became a global player. We have an international accredited (ISO17025) calibration laboratory, clean room, an extensive product range and our own calibration software. From the start, AutoCal has always been able to operate with Tradinco products and products of other manufacturers being truly brand independant software.Customer demands and technical possibilities are important pillars in our continuous development.

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Our roadmap

Why do we do what we do? How did the product AutoCal+ come about? What developments are planned for the near future? In our roadmap you can see a brief overview of our history and our future


  • 1987

    The start

    AutoCal, first in operation in 1987,used in company only to guide the calibrations with our own Death Weight Tester (DWT) and to save data. The software was written in MAI basic programming language. Soon customers showed interest in this program and we put it on the market and start selling it. The AutoCal product was born.

  • 1991


    After a few years, AutoCal is written for MS-DOS. This created new possibilities such as entering standards, make corrections, control instruments and automatic calibration. From the start, AutoCal has always been able to operate with Tradinco products and products of other manufacturers. Being truly brand independant software. 

  • 1995


    In 1995 AutoCal became compatible for Windows, written in delphi which allowed the customers to execute multiple calibrations at the same time. A big advantage. Customers can now also make reports themselves.

  • vanaf 1997

    New drivers

    Over the years, new drivers for different measuring instruments, standards and smart transmitters from different manufacturers have been added. Next to this, a variety of database types became available offering increased compatibility with the customers IT network.

  • March 2019

    Renew AutoCal

    The decision is made to renew AutoCal. Changing customer and market requirements, decentralized working, user-friendliness, technical possibilities and quality are the motives. A start is made with drawing up all specifications.

  • June 2019

    The start

    The development of AutoCal+ begins.


  • August 2019

    Customer panel

    A customer panel has been formed, consisting of users who use AutoCal daily. AutoCal+ is demonstrated and feedback is collected. More will follow after this meeting.

  • December 2019

    Internal testing

    The beta version of AutoCal+ is ready and is tested internally.

  • February 2020

    Testing with customers

    A number of customers starts testing the application.

  • June 2020

    First release

    The first release of AutoCal+. This version contains everything to be able to perform a manual or automatic calibration.

  • September 2020

    Field calibrations

    The first major update that adds the option for field calibrations. It is now possible to upload procedures, perform the calibration and download the results.

  • September 2020

    Dashboard functionality and DWT

    The dashboard functionality is added.  With this functionality you can choose which important KPI's will be displayed. In addition, the extensive functionality for Deadweight Testers (DWT) is added.


  • November 2020

    Calibrations templates

    The creation of calibration templates that can be used for various instruments when you perform a calibration

  • December 2020

    Printing and scanning

    Printing and scanning labels for easy identification of your instruments. 
    And the ability to customize the report layout by adding logos and changing texts and colors

Always up-to-date and safe

AutoCal+ is cloud based. This means that you always work with the latest version of the software. No more manual, time-consuming updates you need to schedule. Furthermore, we store your data safely. From the start of development, we have taken all security aspects such as authentication and encryption into account. The data is stored, completely separately from other users, in the Google data center in Eemshaven (NL).

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