The calibration software

AutoCal+ is the next generation calibration software developed by Tradinco Instruments. From the start of the company, in 1963, we continously are focusing on developing the best calibration management practices. From a paper checklist to The software solution in the cloud. The customer's demand and the technical possibilities are our motives.

The unique features of our calibration software


Low monthly charges

With AutoCal+ your annual costs are low. You don't need to invest and you can decide each month what you require. It is available from €39.50 per month.


Modular concept

There will be months when you have more calibrations to do than other months. A monthly subscription gives you the possibility to choose a package that meets your needs and expand this as the needs change. This way you can customize your package


Always up-to-date

AutoCal+ runs in the cloud. This allows you to use the software and access your data anytime and anywhere. It is always up to date. Just log in and be sure you have all latest features available.


Multiple users

Do you often work on multiple locations? Do several colleagues work with the same system? As the software runs in the cloud, all users  can log in and use the software, review data and the planning, wherever there is an internet connection. Whether you are in the office or on the road.

Calibration software for field calibrations

With the help of our calibration software AutoCal+, you can perform calibrations on site. You can create all field calibrations in AutoCal+ and upload them to the field calibrator. On location, you perform all the calibrations that are present in the field calibrator. During the calibration, the field calibrator provides you  information about the results so that it is immediately clear whether the calibration has been successfully executed. When you are finished, the results can be downloaded from the field calibrator. AutoCal+ imports the results and makes them available in certificates that can be downloaded directly in PDF.

AutoCal+ supports the Druck DPI 620G field calibrator. Click here for a full overview of our available drivers.

Our roadmap

AutoCal+ is continuously in development. We started this more than 30 years ago and we continue to do so. Do you want to see what is still on our to-do list? Then take a look at our roadmap.