The AutoCal+ calibration software

AutoCal+ was developed by Tradinco Instruments. It’s fair to say, AutoCal+ is the result of more than 50 years of development and innovation, because we have been focussing on continuous improvement of calibration software from the day we started. From a checklist on paper to a cloud-based software solution. Our customers requirements and full deployment of the latest technical possibilities is what continues to drive us going further.
The AutoCal+ calibration software is brand independent, affordable and user-friendly.

What makes AutoCal+ so unique?


Low monthly costs

AutoCal+ is a cost-effective solution, the calibration software is available from €39.50 per month. You can easily put together your ideal software package by choosing different modules.


Modularly built

When you choose a monthly AutoCal+ subscription, you have the option of choosing a package that suits your specific needs. Are your needs changing? Then simply adjust your subscription! With the flexibility of AutoCal+ you always have the right solution.



AutoCal+ works in the cloud. This means that the software can be used anywhere, is always up-to-date and you can log in anywhere in the world. Success guaranteed!


Multiple users

The AutoCal+ calibration software is available via the cloud. This allows multiple users to use the software at the same time. Viewing the correct data with colleagues anytime, anywhere, AutoCal+ makes it simple and fast.

Calibration software for calibrations on site

You can easily perform calibrations on location using the AutoCal+ calibration software. Before you start your work, you create the desired calibrations and upload them to a field calibrator. Once on location, you perform the calibrations that are presented in the field calibrator. The field calibrator provides immediate insight into the results, so that you receive immediate feedback that the calibration has been performed successfully. When all calibrations have been performed, you can easily download the results of the field calibrator. The AutoCal+ calibration software imports the results and makes them available in the form of certificates. You can download the certificates in PDF format directly and easily.

AutoCal+ supports the Druck DPI 620G field calibrator. Click here for a complete overview of our available drivers

In full development

The AutoCal+ calibration software is continuously being developed. A development that started 30 years ago by Tradinco Instruments. And we will continue to develop the software. Do you want to know what new developments are planned in the near future? Take a look at our roadmap, here you will find the steps we have taken and an overview of future developments.